KJRocker is 3 years old

In case you don’t already know, KJ of the KJRocker blog is a true success story. The story goes like this:

KJ started life as a call centre employee. Absolutely nothing wrong with this at all. But KJ knew one thing. This wasn’t the life for him. So he learned about computers.

He learned about internet marketing and more specifically, he learned about CPA marketing. If you don’t know what CPA marketing is then you are not alone. Neither do I.

Well, actually I do know a little bit not a great deal. Definitely not as much as KJ knows. In fact, he is such an expert that not only does he make a living from what he does online with CPA marketing but he even wrote a book about it. (I’m buying this).

So the KJ blog is now 3 years and 200 posts old. I wonder if KJ likes cake. Will he have 3 candles – one for each year? Or 200 candles? One for each post. Probably both: 203 candles on a tasty cake!

Anyhow , well done KJ. Happy third birthday. HIP! HIP!……


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