How to make money online with SFI the SMART way

Congratulations!¬†How to make money online with SFI. If you haven’t already, join SFI here

Ugo here.

Today is your LAST DAY as an SFI AFFILIATE.

Because from now on you will become a TEAM LEADER in SFI and:


I make money in SFI by doing these 3 things:
1. I collecting points
2. I generate sales at TripleClicks
3. I sponsor and duplicate

This is all that you need to do. I will help you.

If you havent already, click on HOT SPOTS —> VP LEDGER.

Complete as many of the tasks as you can and start collecting free points. Your upline leaders including me will spot you, reward you, encourage and help you.

Complete as many of the tasks as you can. Do this for 3 reasons:

A. At 500 points you get a FAST START BADGE to keep for life. Not many have this.
A. At 1500 points you get promotion from Affiliate to Executive Affiliate (EA).
B. As an EA you get 2 new members in your team immediately. And other benefits.
You are aiming to complete tasks and get your first 500 points ON YOUR FIRST DAY.

Get to 1500 points for free and you became an Executive Affiliate. Well done and congratulations!

You now need to maintain this rank every month from now on. I will help you.

SFI is free to join. But SFI is NOT free to join for me.

This means that I am spending MONEY to make money. I am also spending my TIME to make money.

Because like you, I am serious.

I will admit: You do not need to spend money to promote your business. But it helps.

Purchase a TCredit Pack of (125 TCredits) by STANDING ORDER
This will guarantee that you get your 1500 points every month and maintain your rank.

Get your TCredit Pack standing order by searching TripleClicks for Tcredits 125 or go here:

Use the TCredits to reward your most active team members, use them to bid in the auctions or use them to list items and make purchases.

I use both FREE and PAID methods to grow my business.

Here are the free methods that I use and you too can use in order to save money, get signups and grow your business.

1. Use Traffic Exchanges everyday
2. Use free classified ads every day.
3. Use Safelists everyday – Send emails to thousands of people
4. Use Blogging everday – This is an example of a good exciting Blog –

I signed up to SFI through a Traffic Exchange. So they work.
I have written a lengthy article on how to use Traffic exchanges the RIGHT way for BEST results here

I post free ads on classified ad sites everyday. I have collected over 140 sites where anyone can place a free ad and advertise your SFI business.
The complete list of free classified ad sites is here

Next, the PAID method.

Here is the paid method that I use in order to save time, get signups and grow my business.

Purchase signups directly from the SFI store here.
Purchase as many as your budget allows.

Best practice with guaranteed signups.
Read about what to buy, how many signups to buy and what to do after you purchase your guaranteed signups here:

This video shows you how duplication of what you are doing by your team members leads to big earnings and a freedom lifestyle.

Send ALL your new members a copy of this letter. You can remove or change the links.

If you get stuck or lost, please, please, please LET ME KNOW because I am here to help.

All I do is help people.

I want you to earn and be successful.

It is the only way that I too can earn and be successful.

So this team works if we all REPEAT and DUPLICATE.

EVERYDAY from now on:
Log into your SFI account. Click on all the red tabs and complete your tasks everyday. These are free daily points and are not to be missed.

Go to your GENEALOGY.

Send them this email again or similar in case they missed the first one.

Help and encourage them.

Remember: I am here to help.

Ugo Your Upline / Sponsor / Buddy

Lets Get Some!

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