How to Make Money Online with YouTube.

How to Make Money Online with YouTube.

How to Promote and advertise anything online using YouTube. Serious Promoters Only.

There are several ways to promote anything online. Here’s just a few:

  1. Blog posting
  2. Email your subscriber list
  3. Creating YouTube videos
  4. Purchasing advertising space on related websites
  5. Purchase traffic from advertising networks
  6. Posting free ads in classifieds
  7. Posting paid ads in classifieds
  8. Using various forms of traffic exchanges
  9. And so many more!


What you will notice as you read my list above is that some of those methods will appeal to you and some will not. That’s because every one of these methods has its own clear advantages and disadvantages.


If you have been working at your online business for a while, then you will have certain achievements  under your belt already like a huge mailing list, or a large advertising budget from your profit. So you could easily mail your list with your offer and get some sales. Or you could easily purchase a boatload of advertising.


But what about many marketers who are just starting and have nothing to start with: No budget. No list. No nothing. Here’s what I suggest: Find a huge crowd and work that crowd. Go to where there are lots of people and then begin to create your own crowd. Begin to build your list.


Notice I said begin, building and list in the same sentence. Start by building your list. If you are already building your list, use YouTube videos to do just one thing: Continue building your list.


Here’s why. And it’s my first tip to you:


Free Tip #1 Don’t focus on using videos to promote a single item or items. I tried this and it failed. Use your videos to promote your list. Get your viewers to join up to your list. Your email list. Your subscription list.


No one is going to watch your video and then click on a link to go off and buy something you spoke about. Nope. They just won’t do it. It won’t happen. However, if they like you or if they like your video, they will join your list if you ask them to.

You are not asking them to spend any money.

You are not trying to sell anything.

You are just offering them more valuable information which they will only get if they join your list.


Once they are on your list, email them with  – you guessed it – even more valuable information. And then finally, after you have built a relationship and gained their trust, invite them to purchase something using your affiliate link.


By now, they (your valued subscribers) will love you so much, they will happily purchase your recommendation. And they will buy from you in future again. No problem.


Another great reason for using each video to promote your list is that over the course of your career as an affiliate marketer, you do not want to be making several videos each time you promote a new product. It is much easier to email your list with different offers over time than it is to create multiple videos about multiple products.


Free Tip #2:  Keep it simple and keep it focused.


There are millions of users on Facebook, YouTube and twitter.


This is one reason why you should use these large networks. YouTube. Its packed full of people already!


Make money online with youtube
Make money online with youtube

So here’s the thing. Pick one of these networks and set a goal. I’m not talking about a small useless goal like, “Get some followers” or “Get more Facebook friends and sell stuff to them” No. Here’s what I mean: For this example, let’s pick YouTube. I say YouTube because this is what I am doing now. Right now, I am focusing on YouTube as my main advertising and traffic source.


Free Tip #3 Set a YouTube goal. Your goal should be something like this:

Create one video, everyday for 100 days. Or

Create 3 videos everyday for 30 days.



This is how it works:


Creating the video You don’t need any fancy equipment to create a YouTube video. Use your camera phone if you have to. I still do. It does not have to be long video. You do not have to go into detail about anything. You can just say what’s on your mind or talk about what you’ve been doing in your business. Anything goes. Just make the damn video.


Free Tip #4. Best option: make it an informative video. To do this, use a “How to…” title or use numbers: “5 ways to do something…..” title. Read my blog post on how to write great titles and headings.


You need to make many “How to…” videos because the number one thing that people go online for is information. If your video is informative, you will have an audience automatically. The more videos you have out there, the more likely it is that people will find you.


At the end of your video, tell people to click the link to go to your site.This is important. If you don’t tell then to click, they wont. They need to go to your site. Can you guess why? Because this is where you will ask tell them to sign up to your valuable newsletter. Once you have captured their email address, you can give them more valuable information and then market to them repeatedly over months and years.


Upload the video. (We haven’t done this yet!) During the process, YouTube will ask you for a description of your video. Insert the url of your site in the description box. Include http:// eg


Again I say, on your website, capture their email address.


Everything OK so far? Then here are some numbers based on my YouTube experience so far and based on industry stats.


Let’s say that you make a good YouTube video and your video gets 3000 views in one year. If you have made 100 videos, thats 300,000 views. If 10% click through to your site, thats 30000 visitors through to your site. If 10% join your mailing list, thats 3000 new subscribers added to your list just by making fun videos.


The average cost for a subscriber to a list is 80 cents to one dollar per subscriber if you use paid methods to build your list. This means that your list of 3000 subscribers would have cost you $3000 if you spent money to build it. But you didn’t pay for it.


The value of a list is the number of subscribers in dollars per month that the list owner will make.  What I mean by the value of your list is that if you have 3000 subscribers on your list, you will make $3000 dollars per month from your list approximately. You make this money by emailing your subscribers with regular great content for free and then sending them the occasional affiliate offer that you earn a commission on.


So by making a video a day for 3 months, you will now be earning $3000 per month. These are only estimates. It could be much more. It could be much less.


Remember that YouTube will keep your videos forever. They will keep showing your videos all day and all night whether you like it or not. YouTube will just keep on working for you. So your email list will just grow and grow and grow!


This is the powerful effect of performing a one-time effort and performing it well and then reaping the rewards for a long time afterwards.


If YouTube see that you are producing videos regularly, and if they see that viewers are watching and subscribing to your channel, YouTube will show your videos all over the place even more!


Free Tip #5 So in each video you make, urge your viewers to subscribe. Ask them to watch your other videos. You must do this. If you can, use the tools that are provided to place a subscribe link in each of your videos.


Because everyone and his puppy is now uploading videos every minute onto YouTube, you will have competition. This is why you need to stand out. This is why you need to produce not one or 10 or 20 videos but hundreds. People do this. And it is your massive action that will give you clear results over and above everyone else.


How to Make Money Online with YouTube. I have begun my own epic journey as a video producer on YouTube making money online. Join me. Sign up to my newsletter now and I will keep you posted. I will even send you more YouTube Tips.

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