How to make money with YouTube videos

How to make money with YouTube videos. I have a YouTube channel (who doesn’t have a YouTube channel these days?). Every serious affiliate marketer or internet entrepreneur who needs to get in front of as many people as possible has a YouTube Channel.

If you haven’t got a YouTube channel, what are you waiting for?

You’re probably thinking “Chillax, Ugo. I already have a YouTube channel”. And if that is so, then that’s GREAT!

If you haven’t got a YouTube channel yet, then you’re probably thinking:

1. YouTube? No Way!

2. I’m way too shy!

3. I wouldn’t know what to post!

4. I have nothing to post!

5. I have neither the technical know-how nor the technical equipment to make and post videos to YouTube.

6. What is YouTube?

Not to worry. The easiest way to make videos is to use the camera on you iPhone. Or Android phone. Or Blackberry (while they’re still making them). Or whatever.

If you are afraid that you don’t have any thing interesting to post about, then here are thousands – yes – thousands of ideas (to steal borrow)! The link is to YouTube’s 1000 most subscribed channels.

So you can see what sort of videos people are subscribing to. I am talking of individuals like you and me who have posted as few as 100 videos over a time period of 2 to 6 years (that’s not many videos at all) and have amassed millions of subscribers and tens of millions of views.

Once you’ve done this, (posted a good number of videos) the next step is to monetize your videos by adding adverts. And Hey Presto Miss Dipesto! Millions of viewers watching your videos and clicking on your ads and making you money.

The trick whether it be blog posting or YouTube video posting is to be consistent and stay motivated.

Top tip: note the topic that these top video posters focus on. Humour tends to feature quite a lot. Other popular ideas are applying make-up, music videos and gaming (record you screen / self whilst playing a video game). Man, people will watch almost anything these days!

So join me. Fire up your old camera phone and get filming.

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