Making money online is hard so make it worth your while.

Making money online is hard? Yes! It is. So you are online reading this because you think that either:

1. You agree that making money online is indeed hard


2. You think that it is actually not too bad. (Its easy!!)


Whether you find it easy or hard depends on:

1. What techniques you are using to make money online


2. How good you are at what you do.

The more experienced you are, the more likely you are to have systems in place.

These systems are important because not only do they automate much of the repetitive work that is needed but using systems frees up your time do do other things.

By systems, I mean a system for marketing like purchasing advertising or using Blogging to promote your business.

You also need a system to help you decide what to promote. More on this later.

Having systems in place that you can follow will help to free up your time.

You need time to do other Entrepreneurial activities such as finding more lucrative methods to make money online.

The bottom line is that it is not easy – so many quit. And fail.

So here is how you can begin to make it easy and worth your while with all the effort that you are putting in:

1. Promote lucrative programs. If you are a member of Clickbank, one of the most lucrative programs that you can promote is Dotcomsecrets X. The initial dollar per sale that you earn is $9 at the time of the initial sale. But the average dollar that you earn per each sale overall is $379. This is because of various further products that the program promotes to buyers over time. I promote DotcomsecretsX
2. Promote programs with recurring income. Here is an example:  You can sell an ebook and collect 50% commissions per sale. End of affiliate income. But if you sell web hosting, you collect commission every month for as long as the buyer keeps the hosting. This could last for years, month in, month out. Very powerful stuff. I promote Lunarpages webhosting.
3. Promote Network Companies. Millions of people every year join Network Marketing Companies. As an Entrepreneur, you need to position yourself in the right place when the money is being spent. So get into any good Network and either build a team or let the team build itself around you. There are several companies to choose from: I promote SFI

So yes making money online is not easy. If you have systems in place then it begins to become more streamlined and more efficient. Is making money online easy? What do you think?

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