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How to get money online | My 30 Free Lessons below show you the strategies and techniques that I am using to make money online everyday

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Lesson 1 What is this website Ugo and why have you brought me here??

Lesson 2 Why I am providing 30 free lessons about how to make money online

Lesson 3 Hey Ugo! I want it ALL and I want it NOW. Where do I Start?

Lesson 4 How to QUICKLY learn facts about yourself that you never knew.

Lesson 5 The gist of it all. An overview. How it works. What I do. How I do it.


Lesson 6 How to pick FANTASTIC products that are guaranteed to do extremely WELL

Lesson 7 How to get money online WITHOUT selling products and even more product ideas

Lesson 8 How to choose a name for your website that is both powerful and profit-pulling

Lesson 9 How to add the BEST possible hosting that you possibly could.

Lesson 10 Hang on!…What is HOSTING?


Lesson 11 How to build a website that is simple yet powerful

Lesson 12 How to make it BEAUTIFUL

Lesson 13 How to be Sharp. Sharp people use sharp tools. Easily use these 4 sharp tools now

Lesson 14 How to get money online using email

Lesson 15 How to write content for your blog or website that reads well and search engines will love so getting you both high rankings and happy readers


Lesson 16 How to Choose 35 effective keyphrases for your titles the easy way by using a keyword tool and 6 handy descriptors

Lesson 17 How to turn great phrases into attractive titles that make people want to read more of your beautiful work

Lesson 18 How to get 35 articles the easy way

Lesson 19 How to be there when you aren’t and busy when you’re not

Lesson 20 How to add links logos and labels that EARN YOU MONEY (the best bit!)


Lesson 21 How to get money online by adding advertising using Ads

Lesson 22 How to add Amazon (and more money)

Lesson 23 How to add Forums to your site or blog (and more traffic) and why you MUST do this

Lesson 24 How to take it further. From mini-site to MAXI site

Lesson 25 How to add even more Content – and even more traffic


Lesson 26 How to Blog. Add Blogging because it is POWERFUL

Lesson 27 Other advertising networks and how to add them because you can

Lesson 28 How to promote your site so that new visitors find you and old ones keep coming back everyday

Lesson 29 SECRETS that let you EARN HARD while others WORK HARD for you

Lesson 30 Other important ways to get money online


How to Get Money Online – by Ugo Okonkwo

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