Not about Getting Money Online


OK! You got me!

This post isn’t about getting money online.

So yes. I have other interests as you probably already know. This is about how I get healthy and stay healthy.

Admit it. You too want to get fit and look fit too. Whether it is by eating right , running lots or lifting weights, we all know that we could put in a little bit more of effort and come out with even better results.

Flashback to my childhood: I’ve never really liked running and I never seemed to be around when team sports were being played. If I was around, I wasn’t good enough to be picked for the team (que sad violin music) so I would just wander off and do my own thing.

Then I discovered weights.

Like every young man who just discovered weightlifting, going to the gym was all about building big arms and building a big chest (which inevitably left you with skinny legs!)

But weight training is now incorporated into my Healthy living at 40 lifestyle  🙂

So in the next few posts I will ramble on about the weird exercises that I do in the Gym, what I am eating (this is a toughie because I have lots of sweets-and-cake-eating kids around the home. And Ugo likes cake). I will even talk about my measurements are.

Yes, yes I get the tape out and broadcast every last inch, kilo and pound of detail to the world. I’m not afraid to do this (because I’m not posting any pictures you see!)

Though if I did wind up on stage, I would be baring all for the world too see.

Never mind!



Let’s get some

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