Lesson 14 One more tool you must NEVER, EVER omit from your tool box – Email Capture

In this lesson, I will talk about the following:


  • Email capturing: What it is
  • 7 reasons to collect email addresses
  • How to efficiently collect email addresses and build your subscriber list



Email capturing, what it is.

As soon as your site is set up, even before you add any content, or post your first article, I strongly recommend adding an email capture tool.

An email capture tool is a part of your website that is dedicated to collecting the email addresses of all your visitors. In practice, you will not collect all email addresses but I always aim to.


5 reasons to collect email addresses.


Most visitors to a site will take a quick look around a site, come to some sort of conclusion and then leave the site. Forever.

If you’re lucky, they will make a mental note to revisit your site. If you are even luckier, they will bookmark your site so that they can return quickly and easily.


The truth though is that many visitors will leave never to return again. If they happen to have left their email address with you, this gives you the opportunity to contact them. This is a good thing. If your visitors give you their email address, you may later:


1. Remind them that you are still around and they should pop over to your site and say hello.

2. Ask them if they enjoyed your site and ask “Have you any questions?”

3. Offer them useful tools or information that you think they will benefit them

4. Inform them of updates and news that you think they will benefit from.

5. Recommend products to them that you think they will benefit from


6. If your site ever crashes, gets hacked, or explodes, you shouldn’t worry because it’ll be allright. You see, sitting on your desktop should be a copy of your email list of subscribers. Just email them, apologise and explain that things will soon be back to normal. No sweat!

7. If you ever find that you need ideas, have a question that you need everyone’s opinion, want to run a poll or vote etc email is the quickest and the best way.

Email list building is difficult because you need to have a website that offers value.



How do you get readers to subscribe to your newsletter?

Periodically urge your readers to subscribe to your newsletter. This is referred to as a ‘call to action’. because if you don’t ask them to, many will not.


Stop reading this lesson and please take nine seconds now to subscribe to my free newsletter. I don’t send many emails and I use it to inform my subscribers of updates to the lessons and also for sharing new ideas and tools that I have found. If you haven’t already, subscribe now.



(I’ll wait for you…)



All done?




Thanks for subscribing!






Now where were we? Oh yes.


Don’t ever forget email etiquette! I subscribe to several newsletter, particularly if I have a feeling that I will get something useful that will educate me. And help me build my online business. It is always very interesting to see what people do with their email list. These are my biggest turn offs:


1. Email after email after email screaming buy this now, get this now, you will make $$$ now. Can be very off-putting.


2. Just too many emails coming into my inbox. I’m a busy person, you’re a busy person. To be honest I cannot cope with hundreds of emails a day so why try to send me thousands.


Which leads to the question ‘how frequently should you send emails?’ Once a month would be too far apart and your subscriber would have forgotten who you are and what your site was about. Daily is a definate no-no. Every few days? I think that one week for the first few weeks in order to build up a relationship and a fair degree of familiarity. Then stretch out to 1 or 2 a month. There are no hard and fast rules but the secret is to just do what works best for you and your subscribers.


Free tip: Include a question in your email to your subscribers asking them how often do they feel that you should email them.


What gets internet marketers excited about email list building is that once you have a large list with substantial numbers, you effectively have a powerful means to earn an income. If you come across a great product which is suited to your reading population, and you feel that they would benefit from it, one email to your list recommending this product could result in several sales and significant earnings as as result. Thousands of dollars by sending one email! Sounds easy on paper (or on screen) and lucrative too but in reality it isn’t.


First you need to have a great website that actually delivers a useful service

Then you need to earn people’s trust

Then they need to sign up to your list with gentle encouragement

Then you need to respect that trust by not abusing it

So no excessive emails

And no excessive selling

The list needs to be reasonably large, or long or both

Because not everyone will want your product or agree with your excellent recommendation

If they do then you’ve done very well indeed.


How to collect email addresses

I use MailChimp (its free and its professional) to collect all my email addresses. I set this up easily using the MailChimp plugin for WordPress.

MailChimp also put you on their subscribers list and email you automatically. Of course you can unsubscribe at any time from their emails but I didn’t. This is because there is no better way to learn about successful emailing than by learning from the experts themselves.

For example, I looked at how often they were sending me emails. (Their ‘Getting started with Mailchimp’ emails arrived approximately every 3 days)

Next I looked at and studied the recommendations that they made in their emails. This is what I learned: People are more likely to sign up to your email list if you use the word ‘Newsletter’.

So “Please sign up to my Newsletter for regular updates” Is better that saying “Please sign up to my email list” or “Please sign up to my mailing list” or “Subscribe now for great free stuff”.


Free Tip:

An email with a subject title that reads “July Newsletter” is more likely to be opened than an email with a subject that reads “July Sales” or “July discounts” or “Free July Deals”.

This is because people do not like being sold to. A newsletter email does not sound like a sales pitch.

So try using “Newsletter” in the subject of your email and try to ensure thatmost of your newleteers are just that: a letter with news. And then occasionally make a recommendation. Let me know how you get on.


Free tip:

Offer something for free. So if I create an eBook with 30 free lessons, I would encourage visitors to join my mailing list by saying “Please sign up to my free Newsletter and receive your free copy of my 30 lessons eBook”.


Load up to seven short but informative, useful and helpful emails into MailChimp. Set them to be sent out to members on your subscription list at whatever interval you think is best. The emails are then sent out automatically after a visitor registers. This automatic emailing on your behalf is called an Autoresponder. Autoresponders will save you so much time. So each of your new subscribers for example could be emailed on day 0, then day 3, then the next email should be sent on on day 7 etc etc.


Another way to collect email addresses is instead of asking your reader to do so during your article like I did earlier, install a plugin that does so for you.

I’m sure that you have been to websites where after a few seconds a window suddenly appears politely asking you for your email address and offering a great product in return.

These email capture windows are interesting. Some people find them intrusive. But the truth is that it can increase your number of subscribers to your mailing list because these windows can’t be missed.

If you decide to use one I would recommend Pop-up Domination (aff). It is rather popular with 15000 users. After capturing the email address, it will automatically add it to your MailChimp list.




Another free tip / Homework:

Always respond to replies from your emails. Why should you always do this?



That’s all for now. Thank you for spending your time with me on this lesson. If you enjoyed this lesson or if you found it useful, please Like it on Facebook or Tweet it. Do you have any experience of sending emails or experience of email campaigns? Please share your thoughts with me and place a comment below. If you have any questions, please ask.



Tools and resources recommended in this Lesson:

MailChimp (free)

Popup Domination (aff)


Immediate action plan. Do this now:

  • Go to MailChimp (free) now and open a free account.
  • Create a subscription form
  • Copy and paste the code onto your site


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