Lesson 5 The gist of it all. Making money online. An overview. How it works. What I do. How I do it.

The gist of it all. Making money online. An overview. How it works. What I do. How I do it.

  • I find an online product that I can see is selling well
  • I create a website around that product
  • Visitors arrive at my website and buy the product
  • I get paid


  • I find a common problem
  • I find a solution to that problem
  • I create a website around the problem where I recommend the solution I found
  • Visitors to the website buy the solution
  • I get paid each time


Lets break it down a little:

I find

  1. an online product that I can see is selling well or I think of:
  2. a topic that I know a lot about or
  3. a topic that I am passionate about (takes 2 minutes to 20 minutes)

I create a website around that product (takes 2 hours to 2 days)

Visitors start to arrive at my website where I am recommending the product and they buy the product (from immediate to 3 months, longer most times and that is if all goes well)

I get paid (forever, if all goes well)


Now continue working through my free lessons on how to get money online to see exactly how I am doing this. Tips, shortcuts and how-tos. All free.


Please, please, please note this. I have made this look easy because like most things, it is easy once you know how. It is easy to select a product and it easy to setup a website. Really! Even if it is a site about a topic that you know NOTHING about (and I will talk about this a lot more later)


It is also not easy. Because realistically, it will take time to learn, it can also take time for visitors to really start arriving at your website in appreciable numbers (can easily be months to years. Indeed I have created websites that have yielded no visitors whatsoever). It will take time to earn a sizeable income. You will make mistakes etc etc


I started creating websites many years ago purely as a hobby. And in many ways I still do. It is only more recently that I have started to seriously explore and put into practice the monetization of my websites.


I am no guru, I am not a millionaire and I am not promising you riches beyond your wildest dreams.


howtogetmoneyonline.com is about the methods and strategies that I use to get money online. Its about my successes, its about my mistakes, the results of tests, what I am up to with my sites and a record of the information that I have learned and continue to learn.


In reality, you may decide to have one main website (called an authority site) on a topic that you love and you may decide to monetize and earn from this. Or you may decide to create several smaller sites on different topics and set them all up to earn for you. This second is my preferred strategy and it is what I have recently started working on now.


Whatever you decide I really do hope that you find it **absolutely enjoyable** (most important thing) and that you have fun with me learning, creating and earning along the way!


Let’s begin

Lesson 4 How to QUICKLY learn facts about yourself that you never knew.

The first chapter and first line of any “How to” business book should always read:

Chapter 1. Know Yourself.

The only single thing between you and world domination is yourself. Not me, not my lessons, not your subscription to my excellent Newsletter. Nope. Its you.

  • If you succeed and you achieve greatness or
  • if you develop a huge income, or
  • if ave so much money that you create more choices in your life, or
  • if you are successful in love,

all of this will be down to your strengths. If you mess up, or quit, or run away or cannot get past Lesson 11, this would be down to your weaknesses.

Know your strengths and play to your strengths.

For example, if you are a great gardener and you love gardening, then consider a business model that will make use of your excellent skills and knowledge about gardening.

If you work better late at night when most are asleep then don’t be afraid to build your business at night. If you get bored or distracted easily then build a business that has a lot of variety.

If you hate writing then avoid an online business model that will involve a lot of writing. Or get someone else to do your writing for you.

If you hate computers, or the internet ,or technology then don’t build an online business.

Any attempt to do this will only leave you fed up, frustrated, tired and angry. Try something else.

So before you start, ask yourself, “What am I good at?” What do I Like doing? Can I do this for the next few weeks, months? Years?

Ask yourself:

“What am I really not good at doing?”

Think about your weaknesses. What are you truly terrible at doing. Be honest. Then say to yourself:

I’m really bad at doing… so I am going to avoid anything to do with….

The only exception is if you are one of the rare breed of people who can do what it takes in order to succeed. Even if it is difficult for you or it feels extremely uncomfortable. But that is a whole lesson that I would need to write in itself.


I know that you won’t forget to signup to my newsletter. Because you’re good at remembering things. 🙂

Lesson 3 Hey Ugo! I want it ALL and I want it NOW. Where do I Start?

I keep six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who
– Rudyard Kipling

I think that this quote says it all. Better than I ever could.

Want to start making money online? Always start by asking questions. That’s how children learn and they are the greatest learners.That’s how I learned everything that I know. That’s how I continue to learn.

In internet marketing (or anything else for that matter), always ask questions first. Before starting any new program (Particularly 30 free lessons on making money online), ask questions first. If you have skype, instant message me a quick question now.

If you don’t get a response, or if the answer is slow to come, or if the answer is not helpful at all then go somewhere else. I want to prove to you that I am real and I wrote these lessons. I didn’t even pay someone else to write them for me. (Few can write as well as me!!)

Back to business.

Sorry but you cannot have it all and you definitely cannot have it now.

***Making money online TAKES TIME. It will take at least 3 (THREE) MONTHS before you see your first penny. (If you are lucky).

It will take you YEARS to build a SUPER-INCOME online.

There are ways to speed up the process but we can talk about that later. If you cannot cope with the concept of building a solid online business by putting in the hard work now so that you can get paid later again and again and again then click off to another web site now.

I cannot promise you how much you will earn (that would be stupid of me) but the methods that I use and describe in my lessons work very well for me. I did not invent these methods.

They are not my ideas and they are not new.

But they (the lessons and the methods) are easy to follow and exactly the same methods that many Top internet marketers use and have been using for some time.

Will I get rich Ugo?


If you work hard and if you work smart. Same as in any other business or industry.

So there is no smoke and no mirrors. No tricks or secrets.

Just lots of consistent hard work and lots of time. But it’s worth it . Especially when you start to make your first sales and get your first earnings online.

Lesson 2 Why I am doing this? – Providing free lessons that is.

But why I am doing this??


1. So that I can keep a record of all the information that I have learned about internet marketing in one place. I surf thousands of pages every week on internet marketing (so you don’t have to).


2. Easy reference – This saves me so time and hopefully will save you much time too. When I find a great article, I tend to write about it because I get excited about it and it helps me remember what I’ve learned.


2. To help. Its like a random act of kindness 🙂 Some call it Karma, some call it goodwill. I call it common sense. The more people that I help to get started with getting money online, the more I will benefit in one way or another. I honestly believe this philosophy and you should too.


3. To Learn. There is no better way to learn than to write down everything that you know about a process or method or technique. It makes you think a lot more about what you are doing, how you are doing it and why you are doing it.


Talking of the lessons and writing them, I would definitely like your opinion on them. How well are they written? Are they easy to follow? Too basic? Too complex? Are they fascinating? Up to date? Grammar bad? Spelling awefulle?


Give me good constructive criticism and I will use all of it to improve the lessons, making them even more useful and helpful. I will keep them updated with new and helpful ideas and the most effective techniques that work.


I’m not charging for them because that will only be distracting for me and I don’t really think that there is a need to.


To be perfectly honest, everything that I have put in these lessons is pretty much already available somewhere on the net! Except my experience of course 🙂 My successes, my mistakes, what seems to be working and what definitely isn’t.


So let me know what you think. Please comment below. If you like what I am doing here and feel that it is a good idea then Like me on facebook or Tweet about this

Lesson 1 What is this website Ugo and why have you brought me here

Ha!ha!I – Great question.


I was listening to the news this morning when I heard something that struck me: One of the largest network of shops I know that sold cameras was going into administration. In short, this company was bust.


Over 1300 jobs were to be lost and over 180 shops will be closed. This company has been around for over 80 years!


The reporter said that this sad fail was for 2 reasons:.



Amateur photographers had now stopped shopping from this giant retailer because technology was moving fast and everyone now had a camera on their phone. So there was no real need for anyone to go into a shop in order to buy a camera.


The second reason?

Professional photographers would go online to look for a photography enthusiast’s website, read camera reviews and buy online from their website.


The message clearly was this: Business was moving online at an incredible pace. People with websites were making the money.


Post offices have been reporting for years that fewer people than ever are now sending letters and mail. (Due to email of course) . In fact, what they are seeing is a fantastic rise in the number of parcels that they are delivering to millions of homes, year after year.


Again, due to more and more people doing their business online. Online is where its at and where its going to be for the foreseeable future. Online is fantastic!


This is so exciting because I know that all I have to do is put myself between the shoppers and the product that they are after. And get paid. Online is fantastic because 24 hours a day, seven days a week, someone somewhere is at a computer, or on their phone spending money on their chosen product. I know that all I have to do is put myself between the shoppers and the product and get paid again.


Even more fantastic is how easy it is set myself up, over and over again as often as I want to, just because I can. I will show you how.


Its not about the money…

But its not all about money – money always comes second. What comes first is the product or service or value that you add to people’s lives.


You could look at it from a product point of view:(find a great product that changes people’s lives). Or from a service point of view (provide an excellent service consistently to people). Or from a relationship point of view (build meaningful relationships over time with people that you meet).


Focus on one or all of these three things and I guarantee you that the money will follow. Its also good Karma.