Lesson 12 How to make it BEAUTIFUL

This lesson looks at the appearance of your website. To be honest, I think that it is relatively unimportant. I say this because like people, it is the content of their character that determines how successful they become. It is what your website is about and it is how you present it that really matters. The colours and pretty flowers come second.


To put it another way, wordpress offers over 500 free themes! These are free designs (sometimes called templates) that you can choose from when deciding how you want your website to appear. WordPress makes it so easy. You click on any theme that you want to test and you can see what your site will look like before you select it for good. Even after changing it, you can still change it back for as many times as you wish.


Go to Appearance → Themes and click on the Install Themes tab at the top and search for anything that you like.. You will see a result like this:



This great because you can preview any theme with the click of a button and see what your site will look like.


Don’t get overwhelmed. I suggest that you keep it clean and simple but it is up to you. Many of the top websites around the world actually have a very simple and very basic appearance with lots of white space and nothing fancy.


How to choose a theme:

The layout of a page is divided into columns. Generally, place text and content on the left hand side and adverts on the right hand side. The left side content column is usually wider than the right side. At the top place a logo or more ads or just the name of your site. At the bottom, put anything that that you like. You need a menu for easy navigation so that visitors can find their way around your site. In the past, menus were in a column on the left. Nowadays. menus are along the top of the page somewhere.


This is pretty much all that you need to know. But because we are going to become successful marketers, there are few extras that I will point out like what you MUST add and where to put it.


On a side note and just in case you were wondering, it is extremely easy to arrange the layout of your site. It will depend on the theme that you use. I four column theme and all that I need to do is point, click and drag from my ‘dashboard’.


Add an about me page. Some web users claim that they hate faceless websites. I too must admit that when I look around a website or receive an email signed by “The xyz Team” I’m a little disappointed not to see a real name. I often want to know who is behind whatever website but that’s just me. If you are creating a series of mini-sites just to promote products then you can lean toward the keeping your personal details safely out of view position. If you want to build a relationship and get to know and communicate with real people then add an About Me page. Following on from this, add easy to find contact details.


Somewhere obvious, add a disclaimer. Be open and honest and explain that you are recommending products that you have either used yourself or that you recommend. Explain why you recommend them. Explain that there are alternatives and explain that you will get paid a commission for recommending these products.


If you decide to collect email addresses include a privacy statement. Explain why you are collecting email addresses and explain what you will be doing with them. I have dedicated a whole lesson to the wonderful world of email as you will see later.

Lesson 11 How to build a website that is simple yet powerful

Lunarpages allows you to Install WordPress with the push of a button. WordPress is great! It allows you to choose the design of your website easily, it allows you to write your great material and publish it online, it allows you to add pictures easily, etc etc. I would go on all day.


There are other alternatives to WordPress such as Joomla which I used for a number of years before transferring my site to WordPress. Drupal is also similar but I have never used it.


The beauty of wordpress is that you need NO computer programming skills to get the most amazing looking website up and running in minutes. (Adding content and building up your stream of visitors will still take time). I think that the success of WordPress is not only because of its ease of use but also due to the ability for the website owner to add on plugins.


Lets say that you want to add a button to your website so that anyone who sees the button and clicks on it gets taken to your facebook page or twitter. From within your website’s wordpress dashboard, just search for ‘add facebook button’. From the results, pick the one that looks right for you and press the install button. All done! This is how you can add all the bells and whistles to any site that you want easily and without any specialist technical knowledge.


After installing WordPress, of the dozens and dozens of plugins that you may wish to install, I will recommend only 4 plugins. I will tell you which 4 plugins I recommend in a following lesson.


Lesson 10 Hang on!…What is HOSTING?

Hosting is the space where your website is located. It is a physical computer provided by a Hosting Service. Once you have your hosting service all set up, it allows you to create pages of great and interesting information about the topic or product that you wish to recommend.

Lunarpages make it really easy to create websites. Choose the option for Basic Hosting.


After you’ve done this, you will now be able to begin the process of building your website. Using either cpanel or lunarpanel, with the push of a button, you will automatically install a piece software called WordPress.


WordPress is a platform for writing and publishing content onto the web via your new site. The process of getting WordPress up and running and publishing your first piece of content is very straightforward, simple and really takes just a few minutes.


Lets look at WordPress a little bit more in the next lesson. But first, if you haven’t already, purchase hosting and own your own website now.

Lesson 9 How to add the BEST possible hosting that you possibly could

Welcome back and thank you for continuing to read my lessons. I hope that you are finding them really useful!


By now, you would have found an ideal product to promote or recommend on your new site. Alternatively, you would have chosen a topic that is dear to your heart and one that you can create a site around. The topic that you choose is called a niche.


Furthermore, you would have spent a good amount of time researching various words, terms and phrases related to your chosen topic or niche area. You would also by now have registered an appropriate domain name using a high volume search keyword or keyphrase at Lunarpages and gotten 15% off your total bill using my coupon code: aff15off


In this lesson, we are going to look at hosting. We will add hosting to our domain name account. Hosting is simply the space where your website is kept. It is a physical computer somewhere in the world where all the files that make up your site are saved. I also use Lunarpages to host my websites.


I think that 2 things are most important when starting out and you need to register a domain name and buy hosting. Your chosen host must be:


1.Priced competitively

2.Provide service / support for its users of the highest quality


This is an online business that we are creating. All businesses incur costs / overheads in order to make a profit so do what I do and keep these running costs down whenever you can. If you are just starting out don’t overpay for anything.


Secondly no business person ever attained success all by herself or himself. You will need help and support with building your websites and creating your online business. What if you break your site or need some other technical assistance?

Lunarpages have support staff working 24 hours a day 7 days a week and will even phone you if you want in order to sort out any issues you may have with basic hosting. I highly recommend them. I have used Lunarpages to host many of my sites since 2006. Thats over 7 years of trouble-free great-priced hosting. As far as I am concerned the best possible hosting that you could have is one that gives you the best possible service.


Once you’ve registered your domain name you will have a username and password which gives you access to your account. Now add hosting as described earlier and you will be all set.


Lets look at what hosting lets us do!

Lesson 8 How to choose a name for your website that is both powerful and profit-pulling

How to choose a name for your website

In the two previous lessons, I showed you how to choose only best selling products from Amazon and then I showed you how to choose the same from Clickbank. (If you haven’t yet got a clickbank account, get one for free now)

Then I showed you in principle how to quickly and easily create a website around the product. (I will also show you how in detail).

On any website that I own, I recommend the best selling product by simply mentioning it or by recommending it to my readers.

When I recommend a product, I add a link to the product for my readers to click on. When they click on it, they are taken to the website product page.

The website product page has been designed by the product owner to one thing and to do it well. And that is to convert prospective customers to paying customers so I do not have to sell or convince anyone to buy a product. I just recommend the one that I think is best.

Now on to how to choose a name for your website. This is also called a DOMAIN name.

When an internet searcher searches for a product, eg ‘TV’, Google returns a search result consisting of a list of websites that are all about TVs. In this example, we will refer to ‘TV’ as our keyword. All the sites that feature in the top set of our keyword search results from Google have 2 things in common:

How to choose a name for your website

1. They all have a domain name with “TV” in it and

2. They all have content (articles, news stories, discussions etc) about TV sets.

The second is more obvious but the first less so.Therefore, to have any chance whatsoever of being included in the search results or even ranking (your websites position in the list of results) high (1st 3 pages) you MUST include your chosen keyword in the domain name that you choose.

So a good domain name to choose would be TV.com

The domain name for this site is: howtogetmoneyonline.com. Note that it is a ‘.com’ doman name.

.net and .org are also good. Avoid domain names that end in .biz.

You can use domain names that are related to the area that you live in or where your business is located. eg .co.uk fo rUnited kingdom, .eu for europe and .us. for personal websites, .me would be interesting.

After choosing a suitable domain name for your site, you need to go to a domain registrar in order to buy and register the domain name to yourself so that no one else can have it.

I use Lunarpages.com for this. If you use my link and click here to purchase your domain name at  Lunarpages. I earn a small commission.

**You also get 15% off if you enter my coupon code: aff15off

Once you get to the Lunarpages website, use the domain search tool to check the availability of your preferred domain name.

Chances are however that someone else would already have thought up the domain name e.g. TV.com and already registered it for themselves so you can’t have it.

So when attempting to register it for yourself, it would come up as unavailable. You would have to think of another TV-related domain name. No matter. This is where it gets more interesting.

Remember that we are only using TV as an example. Your domain name can be whatever you want it to be, depending on the topic that your website is going to be about.

If you want to build a site where you would talk about TVs and then recommend the best selling TV to your readers, choose a domain name like BestSellingtTV.com or TVsetreviews.com. These are great domain names because they are the exact keywords or keyphrases that that someone looking to buy a TV would type into the search engine. So this would make your site a great deal more likely to feature high up in the ranks in the search results.

Remember, if you can’t get the EXACT MATCH domain name for the product that you want to recommend, then choose the next best available domain name.

Another thing to think about when choosing the best domain name for your new website is to consider the NUMBER of people who are searching using any particular keyword or group of words related to the topic that you are interested in..

You are reading How to choose a name for your website

If 20,000 people per month search using the keyphrase ‘best tv to buy’ and 50,000 people are searching using the phrase “what tv should i buy” then the domain name whattvshouldibuy.com

The second one would yield more visitors to your site and is therefore the better name to go for..

There is a tool that I use to help decide what popular words and phrases people use to search with. Its the free keyword search tool by Google

Another strategy is to use a broad term keyphrase for your domain name such as allaboutTVs.com. Then create articles (content) for your site with article titles such as:

  • The best selling TVs to buy
  • How to choose a new TV
  • What TVs to avoid when buying a new TV


The bottom line is that you must choose a domain name that is the exact match or near enough to the exact topic that you want your site to be about.

Real life examples: I own a website called Real-Estate-Entrepreneur.com. If you run a search on Google for the phrase “real estate entrepreneur” you will see my site on the first page. In the top 5 results to be exact.

There is no magic here and I did not do anything magical or special to get to this position. I simply chose a domain name that matched the search term that I was interested in.

I want this site (how to get money online) to be top of the results list for anyone who searches using the term “how to get money online” so I made sure that I owned the domain name with the exact same phrase.

In reality however, there is a complex calculation involving several factors that search engines use to rank websites in order to determine what site will be at the top, what site will be at number 2, etc etc. It also takes time to achieve these rank positions.

However, having a good relevant domain name in the first instance is probably the single most important thing that you could do to help your online business get off to a brilliant start.

Now please stop reading my lessons. If you haven’t already, go to Google’s free keyword tool and play with it. This is called keyword research.

Type in various terms into the box, click on the blue search button and look at what people would be typing into Google in order to potentially find your site after you’ve built it.

Choose a large search volume keywords or keyphrase. So choose a word or phrase that a high number of people are searching for.

Now you will need to register your domain name.

Go to Lunarpages and register one exact match domain name for your chosen topic for your new website that you are about to build.

There are indeed several Domain name registrars where you can register your new domain name such as Lunarpages, Hostgator or GoDaddy.

I have used Lunarpages the longest (for over 7 years). I also use them for hosting which we will be talking about next.

Another tip: If the phrase that you really want is not available for you to purchase try a slightly different version. For example, you love gardening and you are absolutely passionate about rose bushes.

You decide that your website is going to be everything about growing rose bushes. Your first choice of domain name should therefore be rosebushes.com. If rosebushes.com is already taken by someone else, and therefore unavailable to you, try growingrosebushes.com.

Remember to always use the keyword tool first to check that there is a large number of people that are searching using the exact search term before you register the domain name so that you will potentially get a large number of visitors to your website.

Thank you for reading Lesson 8 How to choose a name for your website that is both powerful and profit-pulling

In the next lesson, I will talk about hosting. This is simply the space where your website is kept!

Don’t forget to get 15% off at Lunarpages with my code: aff15off