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If you have a website or blog you should have a counter installed on your site. I use a counter to tell me how many visitors I am getting per day.

My counter also tells me where these visitors are coming from and it tells me what search terms they are using to get to my site. This is important because I can then produce more useful and relevant content in order to attract even more visitors.

RelmaxTop does all of this for me. I have placed the RelmaxTop badge on my site so all I do is click on the badge and I can see all the data that I need. Try it now.
RelmaxTop - the very best site counter. From creators of EasyHits4U
Even better, as an affiliate, (free to join) I get paid when anyone upgrades to use the extra services that come with the RelmaxTop counter.

You can get Relmaxtop for your site here.

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