Review of AffiloJetpack – the easiest way to make affiliate websites

Review of AffiloJetpack – the easiest way to make affiliate websites

Today, I’ll be giving you my honest review of AffiloJetpack – the easiest way to make affiliate websites. Before I tell you about it’s features though, I just want to share the story of Mark Ling, the creator, and talk about what inspired him to make it.

From Zero, to Hero… then back …Zero again.

Mark Ling began affiliate marketing in college. In less than a year, he was making $3,000 per week. You would think this would be the ultimate, wouldn’t you? So did he, until his friend convinced him to add an auto-subscriber newsletter series to his websites. It was a lot of work, and cost him thousands of dollars – but it worked, and his income soared.

But then he had a huge crash; his websites got slapped by Google, and his income dived.

His climb back to Hero again

Things looked bleak for Mark, and it felt like he would never be able to climb back up again. So he decided, that he would give it one more go. This time, he would place even more emphasis on building an email list, and making money through email marketing. And you know what?

Now he is an 8-figure Affiliate, traveling the world – and living life to the fullest! You can read more about his success story here:

Are you confused on how to make a money-magnet website?

Most affiliate marketers don’t have autoresponders. They rely on their website visitors clicking ads and buying the products then. Mark is trying to teach people though that the REAL money to be made is in email marketing. That is why he made AffiloJetpack, to make it easy for you.

Review of AffiloJetpack – the easiest way to make affiliate websites

Using AffiloJetpack was easy. I got to choose from 5/11 ‘jetpacks’. Each ‘jetpack’ is a website kit, with everything you need to make the website, and step-by-step instructions on how to do it! You get 100+ emails, 20 articles, graphics, their custom-made AffiloTheme, a year of hosting for one website plus 3 ebooks/reports to use as subscriber bait.

All you need to do, is follow the easy instructions (or use their push-button website creator that makes it for you!) and copy + paste the content onto your website. The boom! You have a money-magnet website, just like how Mark makes them.

Do you find writing content boring – and outsourcing expensive?

Imagine how long it would take you to create graphics and write 20 articles, 100 emails and a 60-page ebook as subscriber bait for your autoresponder! It would take months to do it yourself. Or, you could outsource it – but it would cost you thousands of dollars. Now imagine doing that for FIVE websites! I’ve saved so much money and time because when I want to create a new affiliate website, I just use one of my 5 jetpacks.

Do you find it time consuming to create websites?

Not only does it take a long time to create a website, but getting all of the content together takes so long I usually give up. That is why I am so glad I uncovered AffiloJetpack, because now it takes me no more than a few hours to get a website up and running! By using their website builder and copying/pasting content, I built up a portfolio of 5 money-making websites in just 2 days – and I believe that you can too.


There is a downside to everything. AffiloJetpack’s normal price is $997. And while I’ve easily made this back, for someone looking to get started, that is a lot to put down and I understand that. Luckily though, they have slashed $500 off the price of it – so you can get that for less than half that price! It also doesn’t include a domain name, and that will cost you about $10-11. I don’t know when this special price will end though, so I suggest you take advantage of it now:

Are you ready to take action?

I highly recommend AffiloJetpack, but ONLY if you are willing to take action – now. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your money. It is an investment into YOU and your future. Purchase it now while it is less than half its normal price, and set up your first website. If you know how to copy + paste, you can have 5 websites up in less than 2 days! Buy it here:

Review of AffiloJetpack – the easiest way to make affiliate websites

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