SFI SBuilder vs Guaranteed Signups

SFI S-Builder vs Guaranteed Signups

Lets look at both SBuilder and guaranteed signups. If you haven’t joined SFI, join here now.


I have taken out a standing order for S-Builder. So every month, SFI adds new personally sponsored affiliates to my team. When I started with S-Builder, it took 2 to 3 weeks to start getting the new signups.

But they are generally very active, they earn points and are more likely to become Executive Affiliates.

However, the numbers are not many. At least not as many as I would like. So expect one to 5 per week.

Guaranteed Signups:

I got these from proprofit in TripleClicks. I went for a large order of 1000 signups. This is what they mean by ‘Think Big’. I received around 300 the first day and 700 the next day.

1000 signups is like sponsoring 3 people a day for around a year. My thinking is why wait for a whole year to sponsor a large number of people when I can do it quickly?

Many of them are active. In total, I got 20 to 30 EAs under me within the first month. Some are still working toward EA now (2 months later) and they are a little slow. Everybody is different and they all work at different speeds.

Some of these EAs go on to spend money to become EA in their second month (EA2) and higher – Team Leaders such as Bronze and Silver.

General notes:

What I noticed was that the more I emailed them and offered my help, the more that they emailed me back asking questions and the more likely they were to take action. I sent each one a welcome letter using the genealogy mailer. (You can do mass mailing this way)

What I still do is send regular emails and offer my help so that eventually, I will convert as many of them as possible. Some are yet to take action.

How long would it take for profits to start coming in after purchasing S-builder and guaranteed sign ups?

(Remember that there is also profit in making sales through TripleClicks.) We get paid because of sales in TC. This is where the money comes from. So always promote any product that you like anywhere on the internet.

As soon as your new team members start to build their business by buying goods or services including buying signups, you start to make money.

Be careful of putting too much pressure on your signups to upgrade. In fact, don’t put pressure on anyone.

Let them get to EA in their own time. Let them get to EA2 in their own time.

All that you have to do is let them know that you are there to help and to answer any questions that they have at any time.

SFI sends them lots of professionally designed emails that are carefully written to encourage them to upgrade and grow their business.

I focus my buying activity in TripleClicks on buying signups. This is for 2 reasons:

1. It helps me to maintain my 1500 vp requirement every month.

2. I add to the number of people in my team. I teach them to do exactly the same.

This way, your business will just keep growing. It is all about duplication and a passive income.

There are people out there like me and you who want to build a massive business as quickly as possible.

There are people who would prefer to do it slowly and take their time.

Some just want a small business.

Some see it as just as nice hobby.

And yes, you will sign people up who aren’t really interested.

The more people that we sign up, the more likely we are to find those key people who are after a massive business.

In the first few months it may be a challenge but when you get through that, you will start to see increasing profits – that is where I am now.

So aim to sponsor as many people as possible.

Aim to have a team of people who are sponsoring as many people as possible.

It might seem slow at first – but then it will take off.

Always let me know how I can help. If you haven’t already, join my team in SFI now. I will help you grow your business.


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