SFI Update and the EASY way to make YouTube Videos

I want to say congratulations and well done to these 5 people in my SFI team:

1. Danilo Giannetti 12981173
3. Elias Ali Boucenna 12979342
4. Josephine T Amioje-Lawani 12978653
5. Gladys Elizabeth Verdun 12983018

They are the most active affiliates that I have seen in the last 7 days.

Once again, great work.

Exciting news: I won 100 PSAs (new affiliates added to my team) in a Pricebenders auction.

I want to share these PSAs with the team. So I will start sharing them with the most active affiliates. This is because you have shown focus, hard work and dedication.

I am continuing to write and distribute ebooks and I am using them to promote SFI.

I have set some new goals for 2014. I am planning to create more Youtube videos to build my business.

If you are shy or nervous about making videos, you can create videos without having to show your face or use your voice! There are many ways to do this.

One easy way is by creating a Powerpoint presentation – 10 slides, just a few bullet points on each slide.

Then search Google for a free ‘Powerpoint to Video converter’. Convert the Powerpoint presentation to video.

Then upload to YouTube

I know what you are thinking…..

mother of god

Could it be that easy?

Imagine 10, 50, 100 videos promoting you, your business, and how you do what you do online.

Many people online still do not use video to build their business so in 2014, you will have a clear advantage :)

Well, I’m off to have breakfast now.

Enjoy the holidays. :)

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