How to sponsor new members in SFI into your team for free

Here is how to sponsor new members in SFI into your team for free.

If you are not a member, you can get the SFI business opportunity for free from here:

Sponsoring just means getting people to join your team / business by signing up to SFI through your SFI affiliate link. 

When people join your team, they start to build a business network for themselves.

There are links that you can use to advertise your SFI business opportunity across the internet available to affiliates who have signed up.

To place an advert, go to any of the classified website listed here and place an advertisement:

If you do not have an advertising budget, then you need to place free ads everyday.

Place at least 5 free ads every day. Put time aside to do this.

It is not as single massive action that yields results but persistent regular action that yields MASSIVE results.

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