How to stay motivated. Always.

How to stay motivated. Always.

Do you have days when you feel as if you are getting nowhere? You have been working very hard and putting 100% effort into your on-line business or whatever project that you are working on.

But despite all the time, effort and dedication, you sometimes feel flat, lacking in energy and then you begin to lose enthusiasm. Worse still, you begin to wonder “why bother?” and “Is it time to quit yet?

Well do not worry. This happens to the best of us. I had a habit that, to be honest, I was not very proud of: I was always comparing myself to other people.

You see, I would look at other people’s success and I would compare their achievements to my achievements. And you know what, more often than not, this only left me feeling frustrated.

I would look at other Bloggers and I would think Oh Man! Their blog is so much bigger than mine, they have so many thousands of readers. Then I would ask myself, why am I not as successful as them? What am I doing wrong?

Then one day, I watched a video posted to his blog by a guy called Joel Therien. In his video, he described how he would always compare his on-line hosting business to Facebook. Because he had been on-line for longer than Facebook, and Facebook was owned by a young and relatively inexperienced entrepreneur, it always left him feeling like a failure.

Until he learned how to completely change his mindset and his way of thinking.

Instead of comparing his achievements to that of other people, he learned how to compare where he was now to where he used to be. In other words, focus on your growth. Look at how you have improved and progressed. Before you started, you had nothing. Then slowly, after getting started, you built on what little you had and grew and improved and grew some more.

This is a powerful source of motivation that will always keep you going. It is never about how well someone else is doing. It is always about how much better you are now doing and how much better you will become. So never look sideways at others. Always look ahead and keep on climbing.

This is how to stay motivated. Always.

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