Lesson 5 The gist of it all. Making money online. An overview. How it works. What I do. How I do it.

The gist of it all. Making money online. An overview. How it works. What I do. How I do it.

  • I find an online product that I can see is selling well
  • I create a website around that product
  • Visitors arrive at my website and buy the product
  • I get paid


  • I find a common problem
  • I find a solution to that problem
  • I create a website around the problem where I recommend the solution I found
  • Visitors to the website buy the solution
  • I get paid each time


Lets break it down a little:

I find

  1. an online product that I can see is selling well or I think of:
  2. a topic that I know a lot about or
  3. a topic that I am passionate about (takes 2 minutes to 20 minutes)

I create a website around that product (takes 2 hours to 2 days)

Visitors start to arrive at my website where I am recommending the product and they buy the product (from immediate to 3 months, longer most times and that is if all goes well)

I get paid (forever, if all goes well)


Now continue working through my free lessons on how to get money online to see exactly how I am doing this. Tips, shortcuts and how-tos. All free.


Please, please, please note this. I have made this look easy because like most things, it is easy once you know how. It is easy to select a product and it easy to setup a website. Really! Even if it is a site about a topic that you know NOTHING about (and I will talk about this a lot more later)


It is also not easy. Because realistically, it will take time to learn, it can also take time for visitors to really start arriving at your website in appreciable numbers (can easily be months to years. Indeed I have created websites that have yielded no visitors whatsoever). It will take time to earn a sizeable income. You will make mistakes etc etc


I started creating websites many years ago purely as a hobby. And in many ways I still do. It is only more recently that I have started to seriously explore and put into practice the monetization of my websites.


I am no guru, I am not a millionaire and I am not promising you riches beyond your wildest dreams.


howtogetmoneyonline.com is about the methods and strategies that I use to get money online. Its about my successes, its about my mistakes, the results of tests, what I am up to with my sites and a record of the information that I have learned and continue to learn.


In reality, you may decide to have one main website (called an authority site) on a topic that you love and you may decide to monetize and earn from this. Or you may decide to create several smaller sites on different topics and set them all up to earn for you. This second is my preferred strategy and it is what I have recently started working on now.


Whatever you decide I really do hope that you find it **absolutely enjoyable** (most important thing) and that you have fun with me learning, creating and earning along the way!


Let’s begin

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