These are tough times to make money online.

You know when you decided to start your online business to make money online that there would be real rough times ahead.

Tough times too.

And that is what SFI is experiencing right now. SFI Affiliates make money online. Because of SFI’s success and rapid growth, SFI has become a target for computer hackers.

This is unfortunately an all too common event for successful company websites to experience.

SFI and TripleClicks Down

SFI has handled this well. Gery Carson, SFI President has been in contact with the FBI personally.

Affiliates are being kept updated via The SFI Facebook page and tweets.

Extra layers of protection are being added to make the site more secure.

Things will be back to normal soon.

So when in business expect ups and downs. Expect surprises and disappointments. Expect disasters.

Then expect to be stronger. Because this is what adversity does. It opens your eyes to what can go wrong. It makes you search for solutions to implement. It makes you stronger and wiser.

Onward. Let’s make some money.

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