To advertise or not to advertise. That is the question.

OK. So I just threw up a bunch of ads on the site. It looks horrible.

I’ll describe what I’ve done.

I have a tall ad: a skyscraper in the left hand sidebar. It’s a long narrow sidebar so a long narrow ad fits in there just perfectly.

Now in the middle of the page is the main text area. Here is where all my posts go. At the top of this main content area and just to the right is a square shaped ad.

On the right hand side of my site is another side bar. So I have 2 sidebars in total. One on each side. This right hand sidebar has several square ads.

So I have ads in all three columns. The reason I say it looks horrible is because I want readers to see my content. Ads are distracting. Ads just get in the way.

But the truth is, if you don’t advertise, you don’t make any money. I’m here to make some serious money.

Advertising by letting other marketers place ads on my site is just one source of my income.

Of the three new groups of ads that I have put up, the ad in the middle column is the most important because it will receive the most clicks. After all, it is practically right in the middle of the text that’s being read. So it is hard to ignore, easily read and if designed well; easing clicked on.

So with the advertising I will increase my income. Can’t be bad.

But I may be wrong.

Who says that a site with ads looks horrible? Come to think of it I think the site looks pretty cool.

The only thing is that lots of ads loading can really slow down a sites speed. I’ll need to keep an eye on this.


Remember what Ugo always says:

The correct ad served to the right person at the right time will result in a sale.

So, to the right person, who is in the market to buy, any site with relevant ads is the perfect shop for them to be in.

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