Top 3 best selling products in Clickbank today. Affiliate marketers take note.

Top 3 best selling products in Clickbank today. Affiliate marketers take note.


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As a good affiliate marketer, I spend a lot of time analyzing products. I analyze products that pay affiliate commissions of course.

Typically, I pay attention to products that sell extremely well. I look in the larger networks. One such network (extremely large) is Clickbank.


With tens of thousands of products to choose from, no affiliate marketer should ever complain of not being able to find a good and profitable product to sell to his audience or chosen target market.


So of 10,000+ products, what are the top 3 selling products in Clickbank today? At the time of writing this article, these are the top 3 selling products in Clickbank.


  1. Tao of Badass
  2. The Fat Loss Factor
  3. Google Sniper


A closer look at these top 3 profitable products :


  1. Tao of Badass (Self help dating guides – Dating advice for men)
  2. The Fat Loss Factor (Health and Fitness: Diet and weight loss)
  3. Google Sniper (E-business & E-marketing : Affiliate Marketing)

What does this tell us as marketers?


Clearly, the people are interested in only one thing (!)

After that thing, they are interested in looking good and then making money.


Another way of putting it would be:


Relationships are very important to us. We also think a lot about our health and about our financial well-being.


These 3 topics are evergreen subjects: As long as mankind exists, these three factors will always remain important issues in our lives.


As an affiliate marketer, no doubt you will find yourself promoting one or all three of these niche products at some point in time.


If you aren’t, you must.


Remember that success is about many things including easing people’s pain. These three products are successful because these are areas where for many of us, there is a lot of pain to be eased.


So point #1 Use them to make money


But besides promoting products, consider the nature of your relationship with your market or audience. In building a relationship with your crowd, do you address these issues in general everyday conversation?


As your subscriber list grows and your autoresponder fires out email after email on a regular basis, are you communicating through your newsletter about meaningful subjects?

You must discuss how important it is to form good relationships. You must discuss the importance of physical and mental health and you must discuss important and effective ways to make money online.


I do this in my newsletter. Subscribe to my newsletter now and not only will I send you my 30 free lessons and updates but you will see how I structure my auto responders and what I discuss with all my subscribers.


Point #2 Use them to build a relationship with your crowd


Now aside from making money and developing a relationship with your newsletter subscribers, let’s get personal.

When you are away from your online business what do you do? Do you ruminate and think continuously about your Blog, your readers, your customers, your website design?




Take time to focus on your personal physical and mental health. Relax and meditate. Attend a festival or play sport. Visit the Gym. Give your partner or friends your full attention for hours at a time as you would your business.


Point #3 Use them to remind yourself that making money online is important.


But so are your relationships. You mustn’t neglect your health.


Now by the time you read this, the top 3 best selling products in Clickbank today would most likely have changed. There is a very good chance however, (and I am willing to bet a small sum too!) that the top 3 generally will always contain our 3 friends.


Relationships, Health and Money.



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