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I wrote a post (several in fact) about how I have a clear plan for getting free visitors to my site and how I also pay to get visitors. You need to know your promotion strategy. What’s your free advertising gig? What’s your paid advertising gig?

Traffic Exchanges
Hundred’s of thousands of new site owners use Free Traffic Exchanges (TEs) to quickly get visitors to their sites and to their offer.

Traffic Ad Bar
This is a relatively new traffic exchange that works very well for me. Traffic Ad Bar does 3 things to get visitors to my sites:

  1. My site is displayed throughout their network and all over the internet. It is displayed in social media and all other websites and programs where the members decide to display my link.
  2. Traffic Ad Bar sends a daily email to its members. My ad is included in that email.
  3. My website is displayed on the Traffic Ad Bar website so thousands of members can see it.

With Traffic Ad Bar, I am

1. Branding Myself
2. Getting More Traffic to My Websites
3. Putting Myself in a Position to Make More Money!

What you will need to do
Do what I do: I use Traffic Ad Bar to increase my website traffic. I view a few other members ads and in exchange I receive thousands of visitors to my site.

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Traffic Ad Bar Ugo Okonkwo
Traffic Ad Bar Ugo Okonkwo

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