Ugo Okonkwo

A little about me

So who are you then?

My name is Ugo Okonkwo (I’m a guy). People often ask me “Where’re you from Ugo?” and I often say “From my mummy’s tummy!”

But really, I’m in my 30s and I live in West Sussex in the UK. My dad’s Nigerian and my mum’s from Jamaica. Actually my full name is Ugochuku Okonkwo ! – (What were my parents thinking to name a baby that?? :))

What happened?

I think that I built my first website in 1994, when I was a student at Med School. It was really basic – all about DC comics and weight training and bodybuilding. But I loved doing it and got a huge buzz from creating it.

Soon I met a great lady, we fell in love, I graduated, got married (to the same lady) and we now have four great children (and Rainbow our dog. Oh and mustn’t leave out Bella the cat and Rosie the Rabbit!)

Building websites quickly became a serious hobby over the years. I created a few more sites all based on interests that I have. Eventually, some got sold, some sites I kept and some I gave away or I simply let them go…

So what happened next?

I graduated in debt, a lot of debt. Thankfully I managed to pay it all off. It definitely wasn’t easy and it took me several years of extremely hard work. I learned how to support my growing family, pay a mortgage, pay back student loans of $40,000 and have a decent quality of life (I thought) all at the same time.


So I learned how to do it the hard way and this was by working hard (not smart). I paid it off simply by working extra hours. Extra hours at night, extra hours at weekends, extra hours on my holidays, extra hours in my sleep… and so on. You get the picture. I remember once leaving in the middle of our camping holiday and…no I won’t go there. (My wife still hasn’t forgiven me)

What did you learn?

So yes, over the years I had learned how to save a life but I knew very little about life. I knew even less about money. I was always worried that if I didn’t work or if I stopped working terrible things would happen. Did you ever get that feeling?

And about my sites I also noticed that without trying too hard, I was actually getting a little income from my passionate ‘hobby’ every month.

What were you doing?

For example, I had a keen interest in advertising and after being inspired by a certain chap called Alex Tew I created a website about internet ads. The Most Expensive Internet Ad in fact.This website made me $1971 in the first week. I still have the site but I’ve not done much with it for over 6 years! A little more about this later. Somehow (I didn’t know how it happened then but I do now) this site is now on page one of Google and it seemed to get there all by itself.

A second site again that I created was all about my fascination with Real Estate Entrepreneurs. I don’t mean Agents or Get rich quick real estate dealers. I mean the seasoned veteran entrepreneurs that build skyscrapers. People like you and me who with the right skills can buy a building for $200million and sell it for $250million 3 years later. I mean, who does that?

I could find nothing detailed about their methods or any “How to” guides (or eBooks even) so I decided to create a website and collect Biographies of these successful entrepreneurs and study them. Again, without really trying, I tinkered with the site, threw in a few ads because it was so easy to do so and saw $33 a month coming into my account. Somehow (I didn’t know how it happened then but I do now) this site is now also on page one of Google. A little more about this also later.

What are you up to now?

More recently, I’ve got to start studying hard for some more exams that I’m going to sit next year. So yes, you guessed it. I’ve created a website about this. I will use the site mainly to collect all the information that I will need in order to get through these exams so that it is all in one place.

I really recommend this type of behaviour. If you have an epic event or if you’ve spent hours, weeks or even years learning something, share it. Create a site to share with everyone. Especially if there is a lot of information about your topic but it is spread out over a zillion websites as I’ve found out about GP Training and Exams.


So I knew how to save a life, I knew very little about life and I knew even less about money. I was spending more and more time at work for the wrong reasons and less time at home with my growing family. But I was learning almost by accident and by seeing it for myself through my sitesl that I did not have to work actively to get money. I didn’t need to exchange time for money.

So what’s your plan then Ugo? What are you about?

1. I work in healthcare and I’m very privileged to have the job that I have. I do not plan to leave. I plan to work without a fear of financial doom looming over my head. (Very important when you have a family)


2. If I take my ‘hobby’ to a serious level, I can learn about money and learn about earning without exchanging my time for money. Building a business steadily and slowly over the months and years online will get me to the stage where I can earn a great income from my online business without having to be actively working at it round the clock.


3. I was already earning through my hobby sites but at a very low income level. I started this site to strengthen my learning about how to get money online. I want to improve all my existing sites first then build some new ones. That is my primary goal and I invite you to share my experiences through my Blog and my Newsletter.

There is plenty of room to make mistakes but there is certainly plenty of room for growth. I’m taking what I’ve learned about monetizing websites and I am applying it to my sites and moving to the next level. I will write about how this is going in the blog. When I come across new ways to promote and monetize websites, or when I reach significant milestones I will talk about this in the Newsletter.


Money gives you choices, especially what to do with your time which is in itself a precious thing. I am definitely blessed with a beautiful family and my goal is to get to the stage where I have more control over my time and how I manage it. I think they call this a ‘work life balance’…


One more thing…Bias vs Being thorough and comprehensive

Question: Do you need a website to make money online?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Well…no, not really. But it helps and it is a very good idea indeed.


My lessons are based on my online experience so far and therefore they lean heavily towards creating websites around carefully chosen topics in the first instance and then monetizing them afterwards.

But why create websites in the first place? You could build a business on twitter as a platform or on facebook alone or on youtube alone even but you will be subject to their term and their conditions and you will have to play by their rules. They can shut you down in the blink of an eye if they wanted to.

However, if you own the platform, ie you build a business using your own website then you are in total control of what you do with your business and how you do it. So this is why I talk a lot about creating your own website – which is so easy to do. Literally with the push of a button.


About being thorough and comprehensive.

Now I don’t have all the answers (nobody does) and I have not tried to use every available method that there is in an attempt to make money online (some people have!). Nevertheless, a website about getting money online ought to cover pretty much everything that there is to know about getting money online. Or come pretty close.


For example, I know that paid surveys are a very popular method that many people use to make money online. I am keen to have someone co-author an article on this method with me for publication on the website. And any other method that you have experience of that you have used to get money online. No long list of criteria on what to write and how to write it will come from me. Think blank canvas…


And I will mention:

Affiliate links. It is important to know that many of the methods and tools that I use do not cost anything. For example searching for good topics to work with using Google’s keyword tool is entirely free. But if a product or tool seems to make life easier or speeds things up, I will buy and use it. I will tell you what’s good about it and what’s not so great. If I think that you will find it useful or if it definitely solves a problem, I will recommend it to you using an affiliate link. This means that it is always your choice but if you decide to click on the link to find out more about the product and if you decide to buy it having used my affiliate link I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

So what now?

Read through all my lessons. Write a comment and share your experiences with me after each lesson. I am not a guru and I will gladly listen to all good suggestions for improvement. Ask me questions. Sign up to receive my Newsletter now because I will send you regular updates and news. Stay blessed. Ugo

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  1. Nice blog Ugo! Thanks for sharing your testimony, I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it insightful. I too am an SFI affiliate now searching for the many ways to earn a living online.

    Just starting “tinkering” a bit with my own blog through WP, however for now I’ve set it up strictly for affiliate training purposes only.

    After reviewing your blog though I saw the other possible opportunities I could take advantage of if and when I put my mind to it.

    Thanks again and much succes to you.


    1. Thanks for your kind words Andreas.

      Blogging is fun and totally addictive! There are so many directions in which you could take your Blog; the possibilities are endless.

      Great to hear from a fellow SFI Affiliate.

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