We’re live. Yippee!

Finally we’re live. After nearly 2 months of writing and endless saving to Google Drive I’m now uploading all the lessons and publishing them.

Well, I say all the lessons…I’m on Lesson 22 right now so officially I’ve got 8 more to write. Plus the bonus Lessons. A lot of work yet to do.

**First thing I did was get the signup form for the newsletter installed and working. Glad to say after lots of testing it looks great, feels great and I’m well pleased with it.

**(I musn’t forget to add a signup form to the end of the about me page.)

This is my paln paln? – PLAN  of action over the next few evenings:

1. Finish writing the lessons that I haven’t written yet. My original idea was to wait until all 30 were done then post them all up at the same time. But here’s the thing.:

How do you know when you’re done and they’re ready. I tinker with articles a lot, constantly improving them before I post. All that means is that I end up publishing much later than I ought to.

That’s me procrastinating probably.

Besides, I’m thinking that having unfinished work on display will spur me on to get with it which is a good thing.

2. Add the images that didn’t copy accross. Akk! I think that I’ll have to upload all of these separately; one at a time and then plonk them into the articles. Images are good things so lets keep them all in.

3. Sort out my twitter and fb. And Google+ and all the rest of it.

I need to create a page on fb and one on G+ for the site. I’ve also got all the apps on my phone which is good but never really used them. Now I’ve no excuse but I’m itchin’ to go. I’ve changed the link in my twitter profile to howtogetmoneyonline.com. So there’s the first link to my site!

4. I created an archive which is where I’ll place a certain group of articles that I will be writing. I’ll explain all about this in the structure of my blog article later. But that archive section isn’t really going to be full of old writings, it will be very useful as we’ll see.

5. A huge number of other exciting stuff which I am completely wide-eyed about and keen to get on with right now. So I’ll stop talking and get to it. See you soon. Ugo



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