What’s working for me right now.

1. Giving away free ebooks in order to get subscribers to my SFI newsletter

2. Starring in my own YouTube videos about SFI (Who needs Hollywood?) and

3. Networking with other home businessers on G+ to ultimately get them to my site where I capture their email addresses.

I spent a year writing blog posts and have found it much easier to get views of my YouTube videos than readers to my blog posts.

Of course I may be the most boring writer ever, which may explain why I am just not getting the volume of readership that I am expecting to my posts.

Also, some 90,000 articles (including mine) are uploaded to the web everyday. So plenty of competition there!

The good news is there are still not as many videos being uploaded every day to YouTube as there are articles to the web. So less competition on YouTube I am finding. For now.

If you are serious and you want to be found / heard / seen / listened to, make a video! Make several.

I have written an article on why and how I create my YouTube videos here.

There also seems to be a lot more activity on Google+ over the last few months for some reason. Have you also  noticed this?

Join home business communities on Google+, add fellow marketers to your circles and exchange valuable information and interesting views about business on the social networks. This is how I am extending my reach.

Anyways…back to work. My to do list just keeps growing:
…Make and test a facebook page.
..Create, grow and test a facebook group etc etc

What’s working for you right now?

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