Lesson 2 Why I am doing this? – Providing free lessons that is.

But why I am doing this??


1. So that I can keep a record of all the information that I have learned about internet marketing in one place. I surf thousands of pages every week on internet marketing (so you don’t have to).


2. Easy reference – This saves me so time and hopefully will save you much time too. When I find a great article, I tend to write about it because I get excited about it and it helps me remember what I’ve learned.


2. To help. Its like a random act of kindness 🙂 Some call it Karma, some call it goodwill. I call it common sense. The more people that I help to get started with getting money online, the more I will benefit in one way or another. I honestly believe this philosophy and you should too.


3. To Learn. There is no better way to learn than to write down everything that you know about a process or method or technique. It makes you think a lot more about what you are doing, how you are doing it and why you are doing it.


Talking of the lessons and writing them, I would definitely like your opinion on them. How well are they written? Are they easy to follow? Too basic? Too complex? Are they fascinating? Up to date? Grammar bad? Spelling awefulle?


Give me good constructive criticism and I will use all of it to improve the lessons, making them even more useful and helpful. I will keep them updated with new and helpful ideas and the most effective techniques that work.


I’m not charging for them because that will only be distracting for me and I don’t really think that there is a need to.


To be perfectly honest, everything that I have put in these lessons is pretty much already available somewhere on the net! Except my experience of course 🙂 My successes, my mistakes, what seems to be working and what definitely isn’t.


So let me know what you think. Please comment below. If you like what I am doing here and feel that it is a good idea then Like me on facebook or Tweet about this

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